The Nation’s Largest Plastic Surgery Center

Strax Rejuvenation has become the busiest cosmetic surgery center in the nation for one reason and one reason only. It’s because Strax provides the highest quality of procedures possible at the most affordable prices available. All procedures are performed by Board Certified Surgeons with impeccable credentials and years of experience. Each surgeon’s credentials are proudly displayed and each patient has the right to consult with several of the surgeons. Professionalism and patient satisfaction are the hallmark of Strax’s success. The Strax Difference: 16 surgeons allow Strax to match the surgeon with the particular desires of each patient. Often times, a patient having multiple procedures may in fact have more than one surgeon performing a different procedure.

The volume of surgeons affords Strax the ability to buy supplies at considerably reduced prices thereby passing on the savings to you, the patient. Strax uses state of the art sterilization equipment and instrumentation not typically found in sole practitioners’ offices. Strax’s surgeons have in excess of 300 years of combined experience. Each and every surgeon’s credentials are made readily available to all patients.

Our Mission at Strax is changing the face of cosmetic surgery –  Strax believes that feeling and looking good shouldn’t be an exclusive luxury for the wealthy. Strax prices its procedures fairly and dispels the notion that paying more means better results. Strax is proud of the 29,000 surgeries it has performed because we know that value is the essential element. Our patients come from all backgrounds and walks of life. They work hard for their money and it is our mission to provide excellent surgery at the most reasonable prices

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